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About Us

We are experts in NRI Services

Company based in Indian sub-continent focusing on outsourcing services including but not limited to consulting. Non Resident Indians travelling back and forth to India and inability for looking after their affairs apart from lack of knowledge of the complex Indian system, constraints of resources and time.

NRIHUB was set up in 2013 by NRIs as a company that has been born from this very simple but valid need, the need for able, reliable, trustworthy services for handling affairs of Non Resident Indians.

Services We Provide

Industrial Projects

We get the details of the projects right from scratch to its completion

Franchise Service

Just name the franchise national or international you are interested & limit of investment

Solar Power Projects

Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are encouraging to invest in solar power projects while extending various financial help and subsidies

Investment in Plants & Machinery

We can get the information of new and sick plants & factories from various state financial institutions of your choice

Real Estate & development

Search lands for ventures and residential projects, for long term investments, land for houses, flats, duplex houses, and farms, and carryout developmental and construction activities

NRIs Resettlement Plans

when ever due to completion of company projects, or coming back to India to settle down, do remember us to get the project of your choice to be built and ready for you to take care of on your return

Liaison Service

We work as liaison between various departments of state and central government and clients to clear projects, permissions, Etc.

Financial Planning

Providing loans on land & buildings & financial help

Insurance Service

Various insurance plans for life. Medical, movable and immovable properties

Miscellaneous Work

Any personal work to be carried out without others involvement o Legal services o Medical services o Land records search o Not limited to above

E-Commerce Service

To sell anything and everything on all E-commerce platforms

Vision & Strategy

With a team of highly experienced and multifaceted consultants and advisors in every aspects all over Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. The organization provides gamut of services for any issues to the NRIs assuring suitable remedies for resolving their issues. We accept work only after making a thorough assessment of the client’s needs and our own ability to deliver what is required. For each job that we undertake, our approach is meticulous & methodical. We are proud of the work we contribute to and have very strong convictions based on our value systems on work ethics in terms of commitments, quality and time scales. We believe all our clients irrespective of the amount of work they give us deserve our best and we are always motivated in providing that, to keep up our commitments with all our clients. NRIHUB is a platform developed by a company promoted by a group of NRI professionals dedicated to providing value-added services to the unique needs of the expatriates worldwide.

Our Expertise

NRIHUB can take a considerable load and pressure off you, giving you the freedom to do more of your emergent business needs. Our Shared Service centers are equipped with exceptional team of Experienced and Qualified Personnel with wide domain knowledge. Further, the privacy of our clients is important to us. Therefore, we do not discuss our client services with any third parties. All information that comes to our attention in the course of our work is protected and dealt with confidentially. We have established strategic alliances with Professionals across the two states who depend on us for our expertise in the above described services and rely on us to the hilt for taking care of our client’s needs who are otherwise based out of different time zones across the world. We guarantee improved performance, long-term cost reductions and above all, the freedom for you to avail any of the services described in our bouquet of services.


What they say after working with us? Their words truly from their deepest heart.

We found their work to be exemplary. I would highly recommend that any firm looking to create awareness and increase visibility engage Vast Business.
Tonya McGee
Town & Country Day School
Vast Business knows how to communicate with executive audiences in a compelling and credible way. The results speak for themselves. I really recommended Vast Business become your affiliate.
Carol Gardner
Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR
Vast Business knows how to communicate with executive audiences in a compelling and credible way. The results speak for themselves. I really recommended Vast Business become your affiliate.
Carol Gardner
Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR

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